Christmas Card Missions Project

Each year, our church family shares greetings by sending one Christmas card to the church to be displayed and enjoyed. You have the opportunity to include a gift towards our November and December special missions project in your card as well.

This year, we are partnering to build and develop the Kosovo Leadership Academy (KLA) in association with our friends Nadine Hennesey and Lavdim and Lydia Mousilu, with whom we have partnered in significant ways in recent years. In 2012, Nadine was with us on Commitment Sunday in May and one of our GO Teams saw first-hand the great things being done in the name of Christ in Kosovo, including visiting the property where the KLA will be located.

On Sunday morning, November 17, a special service will be held. It will highlight the tremendous work God is doing in Kosovo, how the KLA will further the kingdom-work in this needy country, and how you can be a part of it!

13 Christmas Card