Flood Insurance: Facing the Rising Tide with Jesus!

14 Flood InsuranceSeries begins March 23

Noah’s Flood is back on our minds!  Hollywood is releasing a major motion picture chronicling their version of the story.  What is it with this piece of ancient history?

Through the ages, God has spoken both to His people and to an inattentive world through the story of Noah and his boat.  This Spring, we’ll explore the story through six important questions which will help us live in our day.  Our day is not too far away from the cultural moment that Noah faced.  How do people of faith live winsomely and courageously before a culture of unbelief?  What great hope we can take from God’s ability to preserve His own through the storm?

There is no insurance in life like the assurance found in our relatedness to Jesus Christ-through whose grace we escape the deserving wrath that is to come.  Our age has no taste for God’s justice and the affront He takes to our unbelief and, therefore, as a culture we have little interest in His saving remedy in Jesus.  But for followers of Jesus, the Ark reminds us of our saving hope in Christ.  God is faithful, keeps His promise, vindicates his honor, and graciously saves His own.

We are booking passage on Noah’s Ark this Spring!  Come with us as we savor the nature of our God who saves and faces evil – to ultimately put it down.  Noah’s boat was good news for everyone who would embrace it, and so it is with Christ.  Come aboard as we launch out into the depths of God’s saving mercies in Jesus Christ!  This story matters!  It’s beginning to rain!


  • Sunday, March 23:  Was there Really a Flood in Noah’s Day?
  • Sunday, March 30:  Why did God Bring the Flood to Destroy the Earth?
  • Sunday, April 6:  Why was Noah Saved through the Flood?
  • Sunday, April 27:  How did the World Respond to Noah’s Believing Heart?
  • Sunday, May 4:  What does Noah’s Flood Teach about God and Man?
  • Sunday, May 25:  What does the Rainbow Mean?