Branded: Week 1

Week 1 •  01/07/15 • Element & Fusion


Bottom Line:  Together we can do more.

15 BrandedBeing branded is a reality. We can’t escape it. Based on any number of things, people will brand us with something—positive or negative. In a series of letters, the apostle Paul urged the churches he served to guard their brand-their identity-by choosing to “agree with one another whole heartedly” and extend the love and acceptance that they had experienced to others. What Paul knew was that by being known for these things we develop a positive brand and gain influence in the world around us.

Questions for parents to ask students:

  1. What word best describes the way most people view Christians?
  2. What do you think is the purpose of us getting together at church each week?
  3. Connecting with God is a big benefit of coming to church. What are some other benefits of coming to church and meeting together as a group?