Zechariah: Remember Me!

Morning Series continues March 22, 2015

ZechariahWe will resume and complete our series on Zechariah this Spring. One of the tenderest conversations in the entire Bible took place on Good Friday. It was a hopeful, desperate, two-word plea. The thief on the cross said, “Remember me!”

There is nothing quite like being remembered by God. How many of us have yearned to be remembered by God in the midst of situations? In the Old Testament during a moment of discouragement for the people of God, God sent encouragement in the very name of His prophet. He sent Zechariah, whose name means “God remembers.”

God remembered His faithfulness to Himself and His promises. God sent His man, “God remembers,” to remind the people of God that they were very much on His mind. The psalmist in Psalm 8:4 asks, “What is man that you are mindful of us?” But mindful He is! The fact that we are on His mind brings solace in the midst of discouragement and hope in the midst of our tough circumstances.

God remembers His people! We are on His mind. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, which Zechariah anticipates well before He comes. This book will stir our memory of God’s memory for us!

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