To Savor: God’s That Good!

Series begins July 26

You know that feeling an hour after you have enjoyed your favorite meal?  We savor the experience in our taste.  We revisit the whole meal in our mind and soak in the satisfaction of the whole dining experience.  We all savor the things that we find deeply satisfying and that are important.  We savor time spent with our families and our treasured friends.  We savor a vacation well-planned at our favorite spot.  We savor the completion of a task well done.  We gravitate toward the whole savoring experience.

A watching world just does not get it.  Why do we savor the experience of God?  What is to savor in encountering Him?  In this new preaching series, we will explore why God matters and what knowing Him through Jesus brings to life.

15 To SavorWe’ll savor Him and who He has revealed Himself to be.  God’s that good!  We’ll experience Him afresh and together in this new series.  Week after week we’ll leave…savoring Him.  He’s that good!

  • 07/26 • A Tasting Party: Experiencing God Together (Psalm 34)
  • 08/02 • Origins: Somebody Made Us! (Genesis 1 – Creator)
  • 08/09 • God Enters Our Brokenness (Book of Ruth – Redeemer)
  • 08/16 • A Love That Will Not Let Us Go (John 15:13)
  • 08/23 • Chad Cowan • Joy? Are You Serious?
  • 08/30 • God Relentlessly Pursues Us (Hosea)