How Apple Shaped our Workshops


Apple has shaped how we do Workshops at Bible Center Church.

When I bought my Apple Watch last year from the Apple Store in Louisville’s Oxmoor Mall, it came with more than a warranty and slick white case. The store offered free Workshops in which I could come back and learn, with other Apple-fanatics, how to get the most out of my recent purchase.

Each Apple Workshop is temporary, relevant, and purposeful. The smaller doses allow each session to be worth the participant’s time. Here’s a list of the kind of Workshops offered at that particular Apple Store.

Beginning this fall, Bible Center will offer Workshops, short-term classes designed to educate disciples in various aspects of life. Through Workshops on the Bible, theology and Christian living, we seek to fulfill our church’s mission by producing maturing followers of Jesus. Each Workshop is designed to enhance one of our three core movements: worship, group-life, and service.

There are no prerequisites, and you can attend as many classes per week as you like. Most classes are in the evening (6:45-7:45 PM) except where noted.

See all the details here, or call Pastor Chad Cowan at the church office at (304) 346-0431. Pastor Chad is driving the theological vision for this new endeavor and is taking our discipleship efforts to the next level!

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