BASE Camp: What we’re learning in August

outfittersAugust 6:

  • Lesson Title: “Freedom”
  • Scripture: Exodus 5-13 – The Plagues of Egypt
  • Verse(s): John 8:36
  • Free = not enslaved or in prison
  • Life’s Lesson: God wants to protect us, bless us and set us free!

August 13:

  • Lesson Title: Now, What?
  • Scripture: Exodus 14:1-22 – The Parting of The Red Sea
  • Verse(s): Exodus 14:14
  • Protect = to defend or keep safe; to shield from danger or harm
  • Life’s Lesson: God wants me to know that He will protect me from any enemy.  

August 20:

  • Lesson Title: God’s Plan For My Enemies
  • Scripture: Exodus 14:1-22 – Pharaoh’s Army is Defeated
  • Verse(s): Exodus 15:2
  • Focus = to direct or devote to a central point or task
  • Life’s Lesson: God wants me to know that when under attack, focus on Him and not the enemy.

August 27:

  • Lesson Title: God, Are You Talking To Me?
  • Scripture: Exodus 32-35 – The Golden Calf
  • Verse(s): 1 John 1:9
  • Restore = to return to a normal condition
  • Life’s Lesson: God wants me to learn that He will restore me when I mess up and fail.