How Apple Shaped our Workshops

Apple has shaped how we do Workshops at Bible Center Church. When I bought my Apple Watch last year from the Apple Store in Louisville’s Oxmoor Mall, it came with more than a warranty and slick white case. The store offered free Workshops in which I could come back and learn, with other Ap … [Read more...]

The Value of Space and Place

  “Topophilia.” How many times per day does that word spring from your lips? Yesterday was the first time I heard it. You can learn more about it in this good article. To understand Topophilia, think topography, maps, location. It refers to a strong sense of love for a particular pl … [Read more...]

Charleston’s Forest

Had Jesus lived in Charleston, I’m convinced he would've enjoyed Kanawha State Forest. After discussing the importance of quiet time with a few friends, yesterday seemed like the perfect day to drive over to the Forest and enjoy some quiet time in between meetings. I had forgotten how large Ka … [Read more...]

A Local Hero

Twenty years ago a kid preacher was preaching one of his first sermons at a Charleston church when a local celebrity walked in the doors... The 1995 superstar wasn’t Fu Manchu, Mel Gibson or Al Pacino, but someone much more important, especially to our city and state. Our assistant pastor told me … [Read more...]

The Students Were The Best Part

“The students were the best part." That’s my summary of the Bible Center School business partner lunch that just concluded down in our Ram Center (newer gym). The entire event was first-class.  From the relaxing musical ambiance, to the ridiculously delicious yellow-iced cup cakes, to the vide … [Read more...]

Our Old New Civic Center

Whether you’re interested in an upcoming Newsboys or Luke Bryan concert, or have attend a tractor pull, gun show or Garth Brooks concert in the last 30 years, the Civic Center has probably been part of your life. This is old news to you Charlestonians, but it was recently new news for me upon m … [Read more...]

Our Legal Name

Bible Center Church is not our real name, sort of… Many of us have nicknames. Although my full first name is Matthew, my childhood friends initially called me Matt. Eventually they preferred to simply call me by my last name, Friend. They also enjoyed adding a few suffixes like "ly" :) Bible C … [Read more...]

101-Year-Old Spaghetti

Today 101-year-old spaghetti made me even more glad to live in Charleston. Actually, the spaghetti was quite fresh, but the restaurant has been in Charleston for 101 years and is going strong. Leonoro’s Spaghetti House opened in our city in 1915 and has been family owned and operated ever since. 1 … [Read more...]

Bible Center in Togo

God has blessed Bible Center Church with a deep reservoir and rich history of spiritual gifts and city influence. As the lead story-teller, it’s my joy to listen for stories that highlight God’s grace and to share them with you on this blog. At the encouragement of one of our pastors, I had lunch … [Read more...]

A Good Night to Be a Charlestonian

A friend recently showed me the Gazette-Mail advertisement about the Speaker Series at our own University of Charleston (@UCWV). Since last night’s subject matter was on liberty, civil rights, and religious freedom, I felt compelled to go and am very glad I did. Upon arriving early, it was nice t … [Read more...]

7 Reasons We Love Easter Services

Today our Staff Ministry Team discussed the question, “Why do we love Easter services so much?” Here’s what we said: Easter services… Remind us what we’re all about. To be Christian is to believe in the resurrection of Jesus, which was the most important day in human history. It’s at the co … [Read more...]

He Remembered my Kids

"He remembered my kids. That's why we kept going back." That's what a friend told me today as we met for lunch at Soho's Italian Restaurant. As our waitress seated us at a table against the vintage brick wall, we noticed an executive chef's coat framed in glass hanging beside us. The dark … [Read more...]

For the City. For the Church.

Jesus loves Charleston. This belief is driving all we do at Bible Center as we look into the future. Our vision is to be a church Charleston can't live without. You'll find multiple and random stories here each week that highlight God's goodness to various people, businesses, and organizations … [Read more...]