GO Teams

Bible Center participates in a variety of short-term trips, called GO Teams. These teams include a group of people from our congregation who work directly with our partners right where they are.  These teams allow  many in our church family see and experience this very critical extension of our ministry first-hand.

GO Teams consist of small groups of adults and young people (sometimes entire families) participating in relationship building, medical clinics, teaching, construction and repair projects, and other  ministries.

Upcoming Trips

Thailand Worship & Outreach Team

February 8-20, 2018

The team will be traveling with WAR, Int’l and assisting one of our global partners, Becky McDonald. The goal of the trip is to unite and educate American women while opening their eyes to the global world of women at risk. It will be a time for the team to wrap their arms around precious women and girls and let them know how loved they are by our Heavenly Father, Abba Daddy.

Donated funds designated for Go Teams in general or for specific persons on a Go Team must be irrevocable in order to be considered as charitable contributions for tax purposes.  If a designated person is unable to go on the trip the contributions cannot be refunded.  Any funds donated in excess of the amount needed will be reserved and used for future Bible Center Church Go Teams.