Checking in Your Children

Bible Center Church takes very seriously the safety and security of the children in our care. The Checkpoint System has many features that help us accomplish this. Checkpoint prints a name badge for each child registered. The system will assign a randomly generated security code to each child; this code is then printed on their badge. The child’s badge also contains information that will allow us to contact a parent if a need arises during the service, as well as, important allergy information.

In addition to the child’s badge, the parents will also receive a card with the corresponding security code; this assures that no one else may pick up their child. At the conclusion of the service simply give the security card to your child’s caregiver who will match it to your child’s badge and dismiss him/ her.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Checkpoint: our Children’s Check-in System

Which children will need to be checked in?

All children from birth through fifth grade will need to be dropped off and picked up by a parent/guardian.

If I have more than one child will I receive more than one parent card?

No. One card will have all of your children’s numbers on it.

How will I be contacted if my child needs me during a service?

We will contact you by cell phone. So, it is imperative that parents remember to set their cell phones to vibrate.

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

If you do not have a cell phone, we will provide you with a vibrating pager. These may be obtained at the Check-in North desk.

How will I know if it is the children’s ministry calling?

The church’s main number—304.346.0431 will display on your caller I.D. If you see this number, there is no need to answer the phone, just report to Check-in North, and they will assist you.

Will I need to check my children out?

Yes, but not electronically. You will need to give your child’s caregiver your security card; this checks your child out.

If I have children in more than one room, how will I give more than one caregiver my only security card?

The caregiver in each room will tear off the number that correlates to each child and keep that portion. You will then need to take the remainder of the card with you to pick up your other children.

Can I give my security card to a grandparent, older sibling, or someone else to pick up my child?

Yes. But anyone picking up children must be in at least 6th grade.

What if I lose my parent card?

You will need to provide the check-in attendant with your driver’s license.