Schedule Change FAQ

Why make the move? Wednesday night was working.

We believe that to accomplish our mission “To glorify God by producing more maturing followers of Jesus” that this is the best way to help us achieve it. We’ve listed our reasons using the word “more” as an acronym.

M – More Ministry – Our students will have the opportunity to serve with adults more on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings in AWANA.

O – One Church – Bringing our students to the church campus helps us communicate in more tangible ways that we are one church. Students are part of the church now. On Sunday evenings, we will meet in the same place as the church does on Sunday morning.

R – Reach our Culture – We will be able to have a greater reach into our community (public schools, Charleston Catholic, etc.) because we will not be competing with Wednesday evening sports practices, recitals, homework.

E – Energy – Moving to Sunday nights allows us to meet year-round, instead of just September through April. We can take advantage of summer and do more ministry, creating more energy in Element & Fusion.

When does this begin and what time?

We begin Sunday September 10, 2017 from 5-6:30 pm at the church and will continue each Sunday night thereafter. There will be some special Sunday evenings that we will meet with the entire church family and not have our regularly scheduled student ministry time. We will communicate those dates very clearly and effectively:)

Will middle and high school be combined and where will they meet?

Element and Fusion will NOT be combined. Element will meet in BASE Camp and Fusion will meet in the worship center. From 4:30 – 5:00 we will have games, a cafe’ and a hang out place for them to connect with one another before the program starts for each group.

Isn’t the Worship Center too big and BASE Camp too childish for students?

We will be making adjustments to both of these spaces to make them appropriate for middle and high school students. We want to make it a space that they will want to come back to!

You mention that this will give more serving opportunities on Sunday morning. What will happen with the middle and high school on Sunday morning?

The middle school will continue to meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30 in the same room. We will make some small tweaks to the program. We’ve promised them “BIG” donuts and we will come through for them! We don’t want to have a revolt on our hands 🙂 – The high school will have periodic workshop type meetings throughout the year. These all be geared for those who want to learn more about theology, the Bible, the church, doctrine, and current issues they are facing. When we do not have a workshop going we encourage them to attend a worship service with their family and then serve the other hour. Our workshops will also serve as our discipleship component for the high school.

Will there be anything for middle or high school on Wednesday?

We would love to see our middle and high school students serving in AWANA (meets downstairs at the church from 6:30-8:00 pm) on Wednesdays if they are able. There are places for both middle and high school to serve.