Our Gospel

What’s “under the hood” matters most to a car enthusiast. The engine drives everything else. The same is true for the Gospel. A Gospel-driven church is motivated by Jesus’ Good News more than preferences or personalities. If you “pop the hood” of Bible Center, you will find that the Gospel drives everything.

What is the Gospel? It simply translates as “Good News.” It’s an announcement of all God has done and will do in Jesus. May the following resources strengthen your faith and understanding of this ancient, but relevant, Good News!

A Great Explanation of the Gospel

  • Download the Gospel notes from our membership class.

Adult Books on the Gospel

Children’s Books on the Gospel

Videos Explaining the Gospel

Children’s Gospel Video Resources

Books that Explain How the Gospel Shapes All of Life

Videos that Explain How the Gospel is Shaping All of Life

Music Resources about the Gospel

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