“To belong is to be related to and a part of something. It is membership, the experience of being at home. It is the opposite of thinking that wherever I am, I would be better off somewhere else. Or that I am still forever wandering, looking for that place where I belong. The opposite of belonging is to feel isolated and always an outsider. To belong is to know, even in the middle of the night, that I am among friends.” – Peter Block

For centuries, ever since the early church, Christians have not only gathered on Sundays for worship but also scattered throughout their cities to meet in homes. We need more Christian interaction than a once a week worship service. Therefore, we are always trying to create more groups at Bible Center–more personal places of belonging. As we grow larger, we also want to grow smaller.

We Currently Offer 3 Kinds of Groups

  • Sunday Groups – meet on campus, usually on Sunday mornings during one
    of the services
  • Community Groups – meet in homes on just about any night of the week
  • Gender-specific Groups – Our ManUp! and Women’s Ministry groups meet throughout
    the city in different formats on different days of the week..