Sermon Series: Blueprints of a Healthy Church

Our vision is to be for the gospel and for the city. What does that kind of church look like? What’s it known for in the community? How does it pray for its community? What impact does it make on leadership, government, culture, business, family life, and recreation? Thankfully, Jesus has given us a … [Read more...]

Sermon Series: This is Us

August/September Series Do you come from a perfect family? Are your holiday dinners and birthday parties stress free? Do rainbows and unicorns color all your childhood memories? This is unlikely even in the best families, and it is equally unlikely in the church. Life is messy. Community can be … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Summer in the Psalms

June-August Sermon Series What would happen if you told God how you really feel or what you really think? Have you ever found yourself praying the same words over and over again without really opening up with God? No other part of the Bible exposes our inner struggles more than the Psalms. Each … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | For the Gospel. For the City.

What an All-in! Church Looks Like April/May Sermon Series For God so loved the world... (John 3:16). God’s vision extends to all 195 countries and to the 7,614,423,551 people alive today. However, as we study Christianity from almost 2 millennia ago, we learn that global vision always be … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Furious Love

March/April Sermon Series How would you feel today if 1,000 more people instantly followed you on Facebook or Instagram? What if the CEO of your dream job called today with an offer to quadruple your salary? Have you ever been pursued by a lover or a friend? If not, is that your … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Loving Like Jesus

February/March Sermon Series What if Jesus lived in Charleston... How would He value children? What respect would He show to women? Why would those struggling with sickness find Him healing and those struggling with poverty find Him helpful? In what restaurants would He eat, and with what … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Living Like Jesus

January Sermon Series Do you know anyone who is All In? Maybe an athlete who is totally committed to the team? Perhaps a student who is dedicated to graduating on time? Maybe a sports fan who enjoys the rush of being #ALLIN? Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to invest in … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Songs of Christmas

December Sermon Series Christmas is a time for music! Whether you prefer Pentatonix, Michael Buble, George Frideric Handel, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, or Gwen Stefani... Christmas songs will fill your offices, your favorite stores, your supermarkets, and your radio stations. For a … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Not Alone

November Sermon Series Are you alone? Do you feel lonely, even in a crowd of people? Anne Hathaway confessed, “Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. I'm most worried about being without anybody to care for or someone to care for me.” In The Lorax, Dr. Seuss wrote, “All alo … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Victorious: Christ Has Won!

September/October Sermon Series What’s the greatest news in the history of the world? “Jesus is victorious! Jesus has won!” This truth has the power to transform our friendships, our families, our marriages, our children, our attitudes at work, our understanding of angels and demons, our view of … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Find Your Fit

August Sermon Series Imagine a church where men, women, students, boys and girls of all ages can’t wait to attend on Sundays. Envision a church that inspires its members and attenders with a sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment throughout the week.  Dream with me about a church that an entire … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Lost in Translation

June/July Sermon Series Do you ever wonder if the Bible is really true? Why does the church make a big deal out of an ancient book? Aristotle said that those who wish to succeed must ask the right questions. This June and July, we will ask and answer 8 important questions about the … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Not So Picture Perfect

May Sermon Series A Study Through the Book of Philemon Do you ever wish your life were as perfect as it appears on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? It’s fun to post pictures of ourselves on the perfect date, at the gym, smiling at church, surrounded by a group of friends, or fitting into tho … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | HopeFull

March/April Sermon Series Are you ever discouraged? Could you use a little more hope? Most of us desire more hope. Hope impacts our health, work, education, and personal meaning. Modern science proves that it even affects our ability to heal. Hopeful patients often have higher levels of … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Ouch! Healing from Hard Religion

February Sermon Series [Videos] Have you ever felt pressured to be more spiritual than Jesus? Were you ever part of a religious system that added extra rules to God’s Word? C.S. Lewis said: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It w … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | New Year. New You.

January Sermon Series [Videos] Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? What if 2017 is different than previous years? God invites you to accept yourself before you try to change yourself. Hundreds of years ago, a caring African pastor wrote, “Grant, Lord, that I may know myself, that I may kno … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Extraordinary: Ordinary People. Extraordinary God.

December Sermon Series [Videos] Christmas is a magical time of year, but it had ordinary beginnings. You won't want to miss this 4-week sermon series as we walk through the Gospel of Luke (chapters 1-2) and discover how Christmas relates to everyday life in extraordinary ways. Zechariah: O … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | 2020 Vision

At the turn of the century, myriads of organizations published their “2020 Vision.” With a play on words, they outlined what they would do in the next 20 years. However, the world has drastically changed since then. At our current pace 20-, 10-, and even 5-year visions are obsolete. With a spirit … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Steps

Life is a journey. We are all a work-in-progress. None of us have arrived. For three weeks in September we’ll look at the Scriptures behind our three core movements: Worshipping together weekly as a church, Belonging to a smaller group of believers for meaningful spiritual connection, and … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | Praying with Jabez and Jesus

Observation is often the best teacher. Toddlers learn to put one mini Chuck Taylor in front of another by watching older siblings run through the house. A child learns to ride her Huffy by trying to keep up with the older Schwinns in the neighborhood. An aspiring basketball protégé mimics the t … [Read more...]

Fall Sermon Series Plan

Praying With Jabez & Jesus August  Bob Spradling, Bible Center’s 3rd Senior Pastor (1968-1994), will be speaking on the Prayer of Jabez on August 7th, and Pastor Matt will spend the rest of the month leading us through the Lord’s Model Prayer from Matthew 6. This series will coincide with mul … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | DoorKeepers: Why Serve?

The map of the Old Testament is dotted from east to west with the story of a family with an intriguing past. Their great-great-great grandpa (Korah) rebelled against Moses and suffered the consequences (Numbers 16), but God showed them grace (Numbers 26:9-11). For centuries, Korah’s descendants w … [Read more...]

Sermon Series | The Ridiculously Deep Doctrine of Vacation

Sweet tea. Ice-cold lemonade. The laughter of children. A walk on the beach. Sleeping in. An all-day fishing trip. A crispy-bacon breakfast. An afternoon nap in a hammock. How does God feel about these earthly pleasures? How much does God want us to enjoy summer vacations and seasons of rest? We … [Read more...]

Sunday Series | Next: What Happens After Easter?

Begins Sunday, April 3 What happens next? That’s what we ask when our favorite TV series abruptly ends. We become curious about what’s next after reading a great book that hints at a sequel.  A man or woman works towards retirement for decades, but after the retirement party they sometimes ponde … [Read more...]

Sunday Series: Perspective

Begins Sunday, March 6 The many portraits of Winston Churchill give us various aspects of his life and character. Some show his joyful moments before World War II, while others were completed during or after the war. They are all pictures of the same man, but each reveals a different pe … [Read more...]

How does the good Samaritan encourage Charleston?

On January 24, Pastoral candidate, Matt Friend, spoke about the Good Samaritan and how we can encourage those around us in very practical ways. The video shown during his devotional is below. Watch the devotional. Download the outline. Bible Center Loves our City … [Read more...]

Sunday Series: Vital Signs

A church, of course, is made up of people. So the health of a church is dependent on the believers who call that church their own. For the next six weeks, our pastors will explore the vital signs exhibited by a healthy and thriving church. These sermons will consider key New Testament concepts fo … [Read more...]

New Sunday Series: All I Want for Christmas…

Ahhh, Christmas! The time of year when we wish peace on earth and good will toward men and women. As the famous song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of year.” Or is it? It’s the time for radio stations to play Christmas music 24/7, for decorations to go up around the house, neighborhoods, and … [Read more...]

Got Thanks?

Is there any more basic Christian virtue than gratitude? God tells us to give thanks. An ungrateful person is an unpleasant individual for whom life is bad… and hard. Gratitude, on the other hand, is medicine to the soul. For three Sundays in November, our pastors will lead us in a scriptural expl … [Read more...]

Amazing Stories: Life Lessons from the Book of John

The Gospel of John stands alone. The fourth book in the New Testament is not like the first three, even though they are often thought of together. John has a unique perspective as “... the one whom Jesus loved...” It is from that position of closeness he recounts Jesus actions and words. The chap … [Read more...]