Caleb Korth • Contemporary Worship Director

Monday – Psalm 111:1

If you want to know what thankfulness looks like, this psalm is a great place to start.  The psalmist gives us a look into how truly thankful he is to God.  If you notice, he is thankful with his “whole heart.”  He also is committed to praising God publicly.  He is not ashamed what others think about him.  He is most concerned with making God’s greatness known to others.  This begs us to ask a couple of questions.  When was the last time we were thankful to God with our whole hearts? When we gather together to worship Him, do we sing out in great fullness for what He has done in our lives?  Do we share regularly what God is doing in our lives?  Having a thankful heart to God is a key component in the life of a maturing believer.

For Today: Thank God for something He has done in your life.  Next time you sing a song of thankfulness in church, sing it a little louder and with a thankful heart!

Tuesday – Psalm 111:2-3

In case you haven’t noticed, God does great work!  The next time you are away from the city lights on a clear night, look up at the stars and think of the phrase “full of splendor and majesty is His work.”  He hung every one of those stars in its place.  The breathtaking beauty of a sunrise or sunset are part of His creation and design.  Psalm 139 tells us that He knit us together in our mother’s womb.  God, through the ages, has done (and will continue doing) amazing things.  Things like creating the world; parting the Red Sea; sending His son, Jesus,  to die for our sins and rise from the dead to conquer death; just to name a few.  We gather together every Sunday to celebrate these wondrous works and so many more.

For Today: Read Psalm 139 and thank God for designing you!

Wednesday – Psalm 111:4-5

Have you ever forgotten something important?  Growing up, I can remember an  occasion where one of my parents forgot my youngest sister at church.  I can still see her teary face peering through the glass doors as we drove back into the entry way to pick her up.  Needless to say, she was never forgotten again!  Remembering what God has done is important.  It can be easy to forget God’s faithfulness when we face a new trial unless we constantly remind ourselves of what He has done and how He has provided in the past.

For Today: Share a time where God worked in your life with someone today.

Thursday – Psalm 111:6-8

We recently went through some storms here in Charleston.  The thunder and lightning sounded as if they were just a foot away at times, with powerful cracks and booms.  Storms can be very powerful.  We’ve all faced times in our lives when it feels like there is a torrential storm going on.  Maybe you’re going through one this week.  Be encouraged!  God is more powerful than the storm or challenge you are facing.   God is not absent from the storm, but there for you to lean on and cry to.  He hears His children when they call, like a child calling for their parent during a thunderstorm and seeking comfort.  God loves and comforts us during the storms of life.

For Today: Pray for someone you know that is going through a storm and  encourage them in a personal way today.

Friday – Psalm 111:9-10

God sent redemption to mankind through His Son, Jesus.  We are redeemed if we have placed our faith and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  The greatest sacrifice ever made was God giving His only Son to die for the sins of the world.  He sought the best for us, because He loved us.  That’s true love.  Because of this, we sing and celebrate each Sunday morning.  Because of this, we partner with missionaries around the world to tell others about this good news.  Because of this lives, in our area and in our church are being changed.  Do you know this Jesus?

For Today: If you have never placed your faith in Christ, we would love to talk to you today.  Call the church and ask for one of the pastors.  If you know Jesus, share Him with someone today!