Week 3 • Whispers (9/24/14) • Element & Fusion

Outline: Voices – Week 3 outline

Scripture References: Judges 6:12-16; Romans 16:20; Romans 8:31,35-39

  1. VoicesLast week we talked about how the Enemy gets to us through the voice of temptation. What voice were we talking about this week? (Lies about who we are and what we’re capable of). Are you more likely to listen to the voices of temptation/missing out, or identity?
  2. Have you ever felt like the Enemy was using these kinds of voices against you? What kinds of things are we tempted to believe about ourselves when we listen to the Enemy’s voice?
  3. Why would the Enemy use this kind of voice against us? How does that keep us from living the exciting life God wants for us?