Week 2 •  01/14/15 • Element & Fusion


15 BrandedBottom Line:  Together we can care for others.

Isn’t it true—fair or unfair—that Christians sometimes have a negative brand? If not by people you know, then by culture itself? Don’t some people just assume that Christians are going to be self-righteous, judgmental, maybe even closed-minded, or worst of all, boring? Believe it or not, church was never supposed to be like this. In fact, it’s almost as if Paul anticipated this problem when he reminds us to live unselfishly, to be known for looking out for others interests more than our own. By doing this, we can change our brand little by little.

Questions for parents to ask students:

  1. If you’re a Christian, have you seen something that makes you embarrassed to be one? If so, what was it?
  2. In your experience, how do Christians treat people who don’t believe the way they believe?
  3. Describe the difference between “looking out for your own interests” and “looking out for the interests of others”?
  4. Why is it difficult for you to put others first?