Week 1 •  03/18/15 • Element & Fusion

Lost & Found

Everyone loves a good story. Even if you hate reading, you probably don’t mind movies, TV shows, or a great musical.  There is just something about a story, a good story that we can’t resist. When we were little, all the great ones started with “Once upon a time”. They were tales of heroes and villains, evil queens, noble princes, and fairy godmothers.   And while the characters in our favorite stories look different now, not much else has changed. We still love to see the good guy win, the bad guy lose, and the couple live happily ever after. Maybe it’s because, no matter how old you are, great stories have the power to pull you in and make you feel like you’re a part of them. Jesus knew that and He often told stories, called parables, that worked the same way.  His stories may not have involved princesses or evil villains, but as we take a look at four of these famous parables we may just find that the characters look more familiar than we could have ever imagined.

Questions for parents to ask students:

  1. Why do you think telling stories sticks with people more than giving advice or information?
  2. When you feel “less than” someone else, do you tend to:
    • Make fun of yourself?
    • Put yourself down in your mind?
    • Act like it’s not a big deal?
    • Act overly confident?
  3. Why do you think outcasts were so drawn to Jesus?