Bill Tanzey • Associate Pastor of Community Ministries

Seven Evidences of the Existence of God 

Monday: Matter Demands a Maker

Genesis 1

You are surrounded by the broadest evidence of the existence of God: this material universe and everything in it. Atheists claim that God doesn’t exist, yet they can’t explain who made all this matter. At our fingertips we can view and touch all this matter that couldn’t have just simply appeared out of nothingness. All scientists agree that every material effect must have a cause that comes before it and is greater than it. Therefore, the universe–from the Milky Way to the most distant galaxy–must have a cause. This is called the Law of Causality. At one time in the past, matter didn’t exist. We Christ-followers understand Genesis 1 as the clear explanation for this something that came from nothing–by the hand of God.

For Today: Read Genesis 1 aloud and thank God for creating you.

Tuesday: Design Demands a Designer

Hebrews 3:4

Have you ever noticed the intricate perfection of creation, from the tiniest snowflake, to the largest galaxy? There is a complex, functional design for everything that is positioned in the world, down to even the most microscopic detail. Scientists tell us that if the electrical charge of electrons in human cells were altered by 1 part in 1 billion, our bodies would instantly explode! Nature resembles a well-oiled machine that functions perfectly. Anything that exhibits complex design demands an intelligent designer. The universe, therefore, must have a designer. Any truth-seeking individual can conclude with Isaiah: The whole earth is full of His glory. Day in and day out, the heavens of the earth testify to the Divine Designer. Lift up your eyes on high, and see Who created these things. (Isaiah 40:26)

For Today: Step outside after dark, gaze into the night sky, and thank God for designing all of it.

Wednesday: Morality Demands a Moral Law-Giver

Romans 3:9-11

Who determines morality? Are right and wrong human inventions? Why do we say that child molestation or stealing from others is wrong? If objective, moral values exist, then God exists. Objective moral values, such as good and evil, or justice and injustice, didn’t drop onto our plates from a man. God has defined morality for us. The moral argument for God’s existence renders atheism impotent and self-contradictory. If God didn’t exist, then why would we say anything is wrong? If atheism were true, then individuals could never be punished, and everyone would do what was right in their own eyes. Reason demands that morals came from a Moral Law-Giver. That is the supernatural God of the Hebrews and Christians.

For Today: Pray for God to shine through in your life.

Thursday: The Word of God Proves the Person of God

John 1

One valuable line of evidence of God’s existence is His infallible Word. Over the centuries it has been proven to be accurate, historical, prophetically true, and life changing. Many skeptics, including Lee Strobel (author of The Case For Christ), set out to disprove the historicity or accuracy of the Bible only to come away believers in Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is a supernatural library of 66 books that is divinely inspired. It invites reading. Any scoffer or skeptic of the Bible that I deal with is invited to read God’s Word with me. The Gospel of John is a great place to start. The Bible satisfies the deepest longings of readers, the deepest questions of the unsure, and the deepest criticisms of the scoffers.

For Today: Read John 1 aloud and pray for Christ to shine through you.

Friday: The Supernatural Jesus Demands a Supernatural Explanation

Colossians 1:15-20

Here’s the big deal: If even one person were to perform supernatural feats, such as raising the dead and fulfilling prophecy, then a supernatural being must exist. Jesus Christ did just that: He performed supernatural feats impossible to perform in a purely materialistic world. Then He identified Himself as God! As    C. S. Lewis once said, “Jesus of Nazareth was either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord.” No one ever did what He did, said what He said, and then conquered death and the grave. You see, ultimately our belief in God is found in God Himself, who zipped on human skin, became a man, lived, was sacrificed for our sins, died, and then arose from a cold grave!

For Today: Read Colossians 1:15-20 aloud and praise the name of Jesus.