Caleb Korth • Pastor of Contemporary Worship

Timeless Lessons From Psalm 36

Monday: Sin Corrupts

Psalm 36:1; James 1:13-15

When was the last time you whispered? What did you whisper? To whom did you whisper? In today’s verse, we learn that sin speaks into the lives of the wicked. Sin can come like a shout and present itself in a blatant way, or it can come in something as small as a whisper. James talks about the progression of sin and its consequences for those who run down that path. As believers we must constantly examine our hearts and expose sin that can creep in. One of the best things we can do is be completely honest with God about sin in our lives.

For Today: Search your heart and confess any sin to God and trust Him to forgive you.

Tuesday: Sin Deceives

Psalm 36:2-4

Does wickedness bother you? Our world is filled with wickedness! Just watch the evening news and you’ll see in a hurry what a mess mankind is in. The passage today notes that the wicked lie awake at night dreaming up ways to practice evil. One of the saddest things about the wicked is that they are so dulled in their senses to sin, they make no attempt to turn away from their wrongdoing. When we as believers fall into the snare of sin, we are faced with the critical decision to repent or continue in our sinfulness. Repentance brings about a restored relationship with God, whereas continuing in sin strains our relationship with God. Much like a loving father desires his children to obey and make good decisions, God also desires for us to walk in obedience and live our lives after the example of His Son, Jesus.

For Today: Are you walking in obedience with God today?

Wednesday: God Reassures

Psalm 36:5

Have you ever had a car fail on you? What was it like? What caused it to fail? Many things in life can let us down and fail us. Wouldn’t it be great if there were something that we could count on every moment of the day and every day of our lives? Well, there’s great news! If you read today’s passage, you know that God’s love is unfailing. It never fails! It doesn’t run out or wear out. It is higher than all the heavens and deeper than any ocean. No one can measure it or contain it. And to top it off, you and I are the objects of His great love.

For Today: Do something today to show God’s love to someone else. Be creative!

Thursday: God Restores

Psalm 36:6-9

This passage focuses on the thought that God created and designed us for a thriving relationship with Him. God’s intention is that we thrive in our relatedness to Him and that we pursue Him with all of our strength. How can we do this on a consistent basis when there is so much discouragement in the world? We must remember that He is our Fountain of life and the Source of our strength. This should motivate us to worship God for His loving kindness. He cares for us so much that He provides the strength we need to get through everyday.

For Today: Is your strength giving out this week? Do you feel drained? Ask God to give you His strength today!

Friday: God Reigns

Psalm 36:10-12

When you pick up a book, do you immediately go to the end to see what the outcome is, or do you patiently wait page-after-page until the end? Sometimes, we can wonder what the outcome is going to be for those who practice evil and sin. We are reminded today that the outcome of the wicked does not end with the phrase “Happily Ever After”. Although it can seem that they go unnoticed, God is completely aware of what they are doing, and He will righteously judge them in the end. For those in Christ, we are to live like Jesus in front of a world filled with the tragedies of sin. We are to be a fountain of life, sharing the hope of Jesus with the people we rub shoulders with everyday.

For Today: Offer the hope of the gospel to someone today.