Sharing Jesus’ love through Sacrificial Giving

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There are a number of families here at Bible Center who are experiencing enormous need. To help meet these needs, we are asking every family in our church to eat differently and less expensively during the week of May 16-21.

Families will likely do this in various ways:

  • Eat only at home (no restaurants)
  • Eat simple foods (macaroni & cheese, Ramen noodles, etc.) for all or some meals
  • Eat potatoes for all or some meals
  • Kids pack lunch every day
  • Eat only what you have at home (no shopping)
  • Eat all leftovers (throw nothing away)
  • Eat only what doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • Eat no meat for the week
  • Drink only water (Starbucks fast)
  • Pack your lunch every day for work
  • Fast for one meal a day
  • Eat a meal at a local soup kitchen
  • Only buy food that you have a coupon for

16 Beans RecipesRecipes


We ask that on May 22, everyone bring their gift that equals the amount that was saved by having changed their eating habits. The benevolence ministry will then use these resources to meet the needs of those in our church family who are hurting.

  • May 1 – Start considering ways to participate and begin praying for the families who will receive our gifts.
  • May 8 – Grab some Beans & Rice recipes to prepare!
  • May 15 – Church-wide Beans & Rice Kick-Off!
  • May 22* – Bring your Beans & Rice offering.
  • May 29 – Celebrate what God did through the gifts of His people.

* In order to assist our brothers and sisters in Christ going through hard times, there will be no donut holes in the Gathering Space on May 22. The funds that would normally pay for the donut holes will be added to the offering. Coffee (made from beans) will still be served.


Complete this form to apply for assistance through the Beans & Rice offering. All financial needs will be assessed by a committee, who will address each need by priority. You will be notified as to whether or not your need will be addressed.