Sweet tea. Ice-cold lemonade. The laughter of children. A walk on the beach. Sleeping in. An all-day fishing trip. A crispy-bacon breakfast. An afternoon nap in a hammock. How does God feel about these earthly pleasures? How much does God want us to enjoy summer vacations and seasons of rest?

We are praying that this upcoming sermon series offers a breath of fresh air to Christians who are burdened by false standards, impossible expectations and misguided ideas of holiness. God certainly calls us away from idolatry, but He welcomes us to a banquet of rest where we can taste and see that He is good. Pastor Shawn Thornton, Bible Center’s former Senior Pastor (1997-2008), will be joining Pastor Friend for this series by preaching here on Sunday, June 12th.

May this four-part sermon series invite us into greater worship and gratitude for the God of all good gifts!