outfittersJuly 3:

  • Lesson Title: Everyone Calm Down – Fear of Snakes
  • Scripture: Judges 6:11-25 The Call of Gideon
  • Verse(s): Judges 6:23a (NLT)
  • Calm  = to reduce excitement; make quieter
  • Life’s Lesson: Panicked? Scared? Running around? Don’t stress out, just calm down.

July 10:

  • Lesson Title: God Is With You – Fear of Dark
  • Scripture: Deuteronomy 31:1-8   Joshua Succeeds Moses
  • Verse(s): Joshua 1:9 (NLT)
  • Together  = into agreement or cooperation with one another
  • Life’s LessonWhen the day turns into night, Partner with God and you’ll be all right.

July 17:

  • Lesson Title: If You’re Afraid, Leave – Fear of Heights
  • Scripture: Judges 7:1-22  Gideon’s 300 Men and the Defeat of the Midianites
  • Verse(s): Ezra 10:4 (NLT)
  • Act = to do something with purpose
  • Life’s Lesson: You need to have courage and that’s a fact, when you’re faced with fear take a step and act.

July 24:

  • Lesson Title: Gideon Works At Night – Fear of Spiders
  • Scripture: Judges 6:26-29  Gideon Destroys The Altar of Baal
  • Verse(s): Proverbs 24:5 (NLT)
  • Know = to understand, perceive, or experience directly
  • Life’s LessonSometimes fear will continue to grow, but it will shrink the more you know.

July 31:

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  • Review