Michelle Thompson • Early Childhood Director

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MONDAY: Take Heart

1 Samuel 16:7b; Matthew 6:21

The word “heart” appears more than 750 times in the Bible. At least 370 of those are talking about a person’s deepest, inner being; their true self. The heart is where secrets are kept, pain is felt, thoughts are processed, repentance occurs, longings begin, commitments are solidified, and character is developed. In short, our inner voice is working all the time. God is the only One who can truly see our heart. It is amazing that, even though He can see everything, we work so hard to hide on the outside, He loves us. That is true love.

Pray and ask God to do a work in your heart today and throughout this week.

TUESDAY: First Things First

Romans 10:9-10; 12:2

Before our hearts can be truly healthy, we need the Lord Jesus to make them new on the inside. This passage clearly tells us that salvation begins in the heart. This is where our deepest beliefs are located and where our faith in Jesus Christ as our personal savior is rooted. Once we believe, God begins a work in our hearts to transform us into people more like Himself.

Examine your heart and your faith in the Lord Jesus’ saving power. If you haven’t yet trusted Christ as your Savior deep in your heart–your innermost person–do it today!


Psalm 139:23-24a; Romans 5:8

“Search me Oh God and know my heart…” David was not afraid to know God – to deeply know God, and to let God intimately know him. He invited God to search his heart. How many of us are willing to be that vulnerable with God? Isn’t it crazy not to be? God is the giver of life and the lover of our souls and He already knows. That is the beauty of Romans 5:8; He knows me in my sin and loves me anyway. We are much better off when we admit to God that we are flawed and ask Him to help us see our errors and to give Him our anxieties! Our entire world changes when we do this on a daily basis.

Spend time with God simply enjoying Him for who He is. Ask Him to search your heart and then listen to His voice as He encourages, comforts, and guides–you will be a better person because you did!

THURSDAY: Stand Guard

Proverbs 4:23; Psalm 36:1; 86:11

In the New Living Translation (NLT), Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our heart, “for it determines the course of our life.” Wow. Any single thing that will determine the outcome of our entire life is worth paying some serious attention to! Guard means “to watch over, to protect.” We need to be on guard making sure that the inner voice of our heart is following God’s leading and not our own selfish attitudes, and fleshly desires. Am I thinking of my circumstances and my interactions with others from God’s perspective or my own? Hopefully, as we grow closer and closer to the Lord, the differences in those two perspectives will become indistinguishable.

Make a plan to guard your heart from negative, selfish thoughts and desires, and instead, ask God to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in the ways He would have you think and respond. Doing this will change your life!

FRIDAY: Your Heart Is Speaking

Luke 6:45; Proverbs 15:8; Psalm 119:11

When I was a little girl, I had a record (a black vinyl record) with stories on it from Uncle Charlie’s Bible Hour. My favorite story was called Garbage In, Garbage Out. It was a fun story of a little boy who was having trouble saying nice things to his family. I can still hear the deep resonating voice of Uncle Charlie (who played dad in this story) telling his thirsty son to take the bucket that he had just taken all of the food scraps to the pigs with, and fill it up with clean drinking water. Of course, the son didn’t want to drink from that bucket. Dad’s point was that we need to fill our hearts with good so that what comes out of us will be clean and kind. If we are taking time and investing the energy to memorize God’s Word and spending time with Him each day, we will have a whole reservoir of “fresh, clean goodness” which will then flow from our hearts and right out our mouths!

Take time to think about what you are feeding your heart each day because the words we speak directly reflect our hearts.