Caleb Korth • Pastor of Worship Arts

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Monday: Romans 12:1-2

Our spiritual act of worship before a holy God is to offer our entire body as a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable. Note that this is our “reasonable act of worship.” It’s not a ridiculous or absurd request based on Paul’s earlier writings on God’s mercy. This is the appropriate response as those who are recipients of that mercy. We are to be holy and live holy lives before a holy God. In doing this, we will not be similar to the world, but similar to God.

Is there anything that is keeping you from being holy?

Tuesday: Romans 12:3-8

How do you think of yourself? What are the things you’re good at? What things do you struggle with? We are challenged today to not think of ourselves more highly than we ought to. The truth of the matter is that without Jesus Christ, we are hopeless. But, if we know Him as our Savior, we are blessed not only with salvation, but also with being a part of God’s family. We are part of something way bigger than ourselves! Today, Paul tells us to use the gifts that God has given us to serve the body of Christ. What gifts has God blessed you with? Are you an encourager? Do you love to serve others? Are you a leader? How has God wired you?

Take a few minutes and identify some gifts you have. Are you using those gifts for God’s glory? If you are not sure of your gifts, seek out a pastor and have them help you identify how God has wired you to serve.

Wednesday: Romans 12:9-13

What’s love got to do with it? Everything!!! What would happen if you went to hear a comedian, sat through the show, and left without laughing one bit? You would be very disappointed, wouldn’t you? Just like the characteristic of a comedian is that he is funny, the identifying mark of a believer is love. Romans 5:8 reminds us that God showed His love for us through sending His Son to die for us. If this is the kind of love God has for us, then we should respond to those around us with the same kind of selfless and sacrificial love He demonstrated on our behalf.

Who around you needs love? Write a note, make a call, or go out of your way to show the love of the Father today.

Thursday: Romans 12:14-17

Getting even is a lot easier than showing mercy and compassion. This may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not with the help of the Holy Spirit. Paul encourages us to bless those who persecute us. That is not the typical response of most people. Many would want to fight back and get even. Jesus, in how He dealt with mankind, showed compassion to those who treated Him badly. He came to give life and save sinners. He showed mercy to those who had been merciless. He could have destroyed those who nailed Him on the cross, but instead gave up His very life for those who had done so. How do you respond when you are mistreated? Is it with grace and love?

Or is it with anger and a desire to get even? Ask God to help you bless those who treat you badly.

Friday: Romans 12:18-21

Love your enemies, feed them if they’re hungry, and give them something to drink if they are thirsty. Is that really what the Bible says? Yes, it is! It’s easy to love the lovely, the compassionate, and the gracious; but, it’s another thing to love the selfish, greedy, and manipulative. We are to show true love to our enemies and those who hate us and look out for their best interests. The great news is that God will give us the strength to do these things. Remember, He gave His Son for us!

Who are the difficult people in your life? Ask God to help you love them, reconcile with them, and show them the same compassion Christ showed you.