January Sermon Series

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? What if 2017 is different than previous years? God invites you to accept yourself before you try to change yourself.

Hundreds of years ago, a caring African pastor wrote, “Grant, Lord, that I may know myself, that I may know thee.” Thomas Merton famously admitted, “If I find God, I will find myself, and if I find my true self, I will find God.”

Join us on Sundays for this 5-week sermon series as we journey verse-by-verse through Psalm 139 and discover who we really are in God’s sight. January 29th will be a special service as one of our pastors unveils his recently published book, When God Sings.

  • January 1 – God Accepts Me (Psalm 139:1-6)
  • January 8 – God is With Me (Psalm 139:7-12)*
  • January 15 – God Made Me (Psalm 139:13-18)*
  • January 22 – God Can Change Me (Psalm 139:19-24)
  • January 29 – When God Sings (Zeph. 3:17)

*The 8th is Baptism Sunday and the 15th is Sanctity of Life Sunday.