Michelle Thompson • Early Childhood Director

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This week, let’s take a look at what it means to be part of God’s family.

MONDAYOrphans in Need

Gen. 3:6-9; 2 Cor. 4:4; Eph. 2:1-3

Orphaned – separated from our Father under devastating circumstances. This happened to us because of a choice, but not a choice we made. When Adam and Eve ate that delicious looking fruit in the garden, every human who would ever be born on this planet was effected in a dramatic way. The very fabric of who God created us to be was torn when we were separated from Him, and the relationship with our Father was broken. But because of it, every generation that is born is born apart from God. In order to be fulfilled and truly joyful, we need to be adopted – and praise God He is willing!

As you walk around this week and see the people you live beside, work with, workout with, or sit beside at your child’s ball game, remember that they may be living in a state of orphanhood. Develop a passion for them, pray for them! Care!

TUESDAYGod Our Father

Rom. 5:8; Gal. 4:4-7

To me, one of the most mind-blowing things about God is that He sees all of our sin and wickedness and loves us anyway. He knew we needed a good Father and He stepped up to do the job. I am an adoptive parent to two amazing kids. I saw a need and I stepped up; but as hard as I work, I will never be a perfect parent. I make mistakes, and often second guess myself. I fall far short of being perfect like my Heavenly Father. I am so glad He is able to be the perfect Father I need because Satan is out to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) and we humans are his marks. We need a Father to protect us, to offer us arms to run into for safety.

Make a conscience effort to remember that God is a good, good Father we can trust Him to love and protect us.

WEDNESDAYA New Beginning

Rom. 8:15-17

When I signed adoption papers, I consented to my adopted children having the same inheritance rights as my birth kids. My kiddos were issued new birth certificates with our family name and Richard and my names as their parents. In the court’s eyes (and mine) these kids are no different than my birth children and have every privilege and right that comes with being my child. In our world, God is often viewed as a distant, powerful judge who doesn’t really care about the day-to-day stuff down here on planet Earth. But, according to today’s passage He is actually a sweet loving Father who gives us an identity as His dearly-loved, precious children. Our enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy us, but God sets out to rescue, restore, repair, and renew us. Not only does He do all these things for us, He makes us His children and in such, heirs of all of His eternal riches.

Thank God for loving you in such an overwhelming and extravagant way, He refers to Himself as our “Abba”–literally translated as “daddy.”

THURSDAY: Our Faith Family

Heb. 11

Once, while helping my daughter with homework, and I said to her, “My doctor told me before your oldest brother was born that, because dad and I both have blue eyes, all of our babies would be blue eyed.” My 8-year-old (with the most beautiful, dark brown eyes) was playing nearby. He quickly turned to me and said, “Mommy, she was wrong, I have brown eyes!” Even though he did not come home to us until he was five and knows he that is adopted, he is so deeply grafted in to our family, it never occurred to him that he didn’t get those brown eyes from us. Have you ever considered that when we become members of God’s family, our siblings have conquered giants, courageously survived the Lion’s den, torn down idols in the dark of the night, and toppled a fortified city by marching and shouting? Our Father hung the stars in the sky! We need to live like this is our reality. We belong to an amazing family!

Live out your faith in a courageous way, step out of the box and take chances for God! Claim your place in the eternal story of the cross.

FRIDAYBecoming Like My Father

1 John 4:16-19

This passage doesn’t just tell us that God loves us (although He does) or that He is loving. It tells us that He is love–the only true source of love, the manifestation of love, the ultimate example of unconditional love. And if I am His child, I can inherit this trait from Him. I need to spend time with Him each day, filling my soul with this love so that it can have a profound influence on those I come in contact with. When any type of vessel is filled with anything (water, acid, sand) and it gets jostled, whatever is inside is going to splash out onto the surrounding area. In a similar way, if I have a heart completely full of love, I am going to splash that out on those around me. If, on the other hand, I am filled with anger, jealousy, busyness, or selfishness, and someone “bumps” me, they are going to get a far less lovely reaction.

Spend some time filling your heart with the qualities that you want to be splashing out of your heart. Give yourself an evaluation the next time someone cuts you off in traffic!