Pastor’s Letter

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining us on this joyful, yet burdensome Sunday morning. The stories of those who lost their lives in Vegas weigh on all our hearts.

How do we make sense of such evil, especially as we gather in church? First, we weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). The best gift we can offer is our deep sympathy and prayer.

Furthermore, we can ask, “Why?”–even Jesus asked, “Why?” (Matthew 27:46). Since we’re made in God’s image, we are moral creatures who can only understand the world with moral categories.

Additionally, we contemplate the horrific nature of evil. The Bible teaches us that evil is often absurd, inexplicable, and unfathomable. It cannot be resolved by human means.

Finally, we remember that only a Christian worldview fully explains what happened. The acknowledgement of evil requires a moral reality above human judgment. If we are just accidental beings in an accidental universe, nothing can really be evil. However, evil points to a moral judgment made by a moral authority greater than we are: God.

The Bible also promises that God will bring about a final act of moral judgment that will be the final word on right and wrong. Jesus is the only way of rescue from our own evil and guilt, and He gives the hopeful promise of future resurrection.

During today’s service, please join us in praying for the victims’ families and for those still clinging to life.

friendFor the City,
Matt Friend • Senior Pastor

Next Sunday’s Message:
Putting Life in Its Place
Colossians 3:1-17


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Monday, Oct. 16 • 6:30 PM • Rm. 2104 • If you are interested in being baptized, we ask that you attend our Baptism Class. Come with your salvation testimony written out and bring a photo, or be prepared to have one taken. Our next baptism service will be here at the church on Nov. 12.

OWLS Hot Dogs & Hayrides

Friday, Oct. 20 • 5-7 PM • North Lawn • $5/person • Hot dogs, hayrides, and campfire songs.

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Girlfriends Get 2gether: Pies & Picasso

Friday, Nov. 3 • 7-9 PM • School campus, the RIM • Pry loose your inner Picasso! Create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece with canvas and paint and step-by-step guidance by our own, Judy Foxx. It will be a fun evening featuring pizza pies and dessert pies. Register by Oct. 29 online or on the app. Cost: $10 for supplies. Space is limited.