Friday, February 9 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Saturday, February 10 
• 8:30 AM-1PM

Join Pastor Matt, along with other Pastors & Staff, for Membership Weekend! We want membership to be a meaningful commitment to you from our pastors and church family, as you’ll want your membership to be a meaningful commitment to us. Being a Bible Center member is the best way to tell our leaders, “Remember me in your prayers, counsel, teaching, and godly example.”

Joining the church is not required at the end of the event, nor will pressure be placed on you to join. So, feel free to attend, even if it’s just to know more about Bible Center and its staff. In the future, if you do decide to join our membership, you’ll already have the required classes completed!


Because food and childcare will be provided, please register for this event.

Note: Spouses need to register separately, although only one needs to input childcare information.