Rejuvenate your spiritual life. Share your faith more easily! And dig deeper into the Bible!

Bible Center will begin offering core classes to continue forming and building our foundation and direction around Scripture. The first of these classes will be held Friday, May 18, from 6:30-9 PM.

Through these classes, we want to help believers to become faithful disciples established in the faith and to be fruitful witnesses equipped to do ministry.

Classes Include:

  • How to Study the Bible (May 18, 2018 / 6:30-9 PM) – register now
  • Spiritual Growth and Renewal
  • How to Reach Your Neighbor
  • Developing a Theological Vision
  • Bible Study Methods
  • The Gospel
  • Worship
  • Biblical Doctrines
  • Reaching the City
  • and More…

We will offer:

  • 2 one-night intensives per year
  • 2-3 six-to-ten-week classes per year (offered at multiple times on Thursdays)