Thursdays • Sep. 13 – Nov. 15
6:15 am / 9 am / Noon / 6:15 pm • Rm. 3105/06

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Rejuvenate your spiritual life. Share your faith more easily! And dig deeper into the Bible! Through our Core Classes, we want to help believers to become faithful disciples established in the faith and to be fruitful witnesses equipped to do ministry.


The class will include a Biblical study of the Gospel message along with the reading of: Shaped by the Gospel (Keller); and The Explicit Gospel (Chandler). Books can be purchased at the Info Desk starting Sept. 2.


Core Classes are an expectation for our present and future leaders and an opportunity for everyone in the church.


The same class will be offered at 6:15am, 9am, noon, and 6:15pm, so choose the time that works best for you each week.