About the Series

Our vision is to be for the gospel and for the city. What does that kind of church look like? What’s it known for in the community? How does it pray for its community? What impact does it make on leadership, government, culture, business, family life, and recreation?

Thankfully, Jesus has given us a detailed blueprint. Join us this fall as we teach, verse-by-verse, through the book of 1st Timothy, and learn how His good news, the gospel, has the power to transform our church and our city.


Healthy Churches...

  1. Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater.
  2. Always Eat Biscuits and Gravy Together.
  3. Believe the Gospel Really is Good News. – Levee Service
  4. Pray for the City.
  5. Show the City What Leadership Looks Like.
  6. Show the City What Servanthood Looks Like.
  7. Throw Better Parties than the World. – Guest: Dr. Rob Plummer
  8. Eat More Than Halloween Candy.
  9. Respect Everyone.
  10. Fight the Good Fight of Faith.
  11. Celebrate Thanksgiving. – Thanksgiving Service