Begins February 24

Relationship Goals: God’s Design for Friendship, Dating, Marriage & Sex

Are you satisfied with your social life? Your dating life? Your married life? Your sex life? Our relationships are gifts from God, and He wants them to flourish!

How can we deepen our friendships and marriages? What does the Bible teach about intimacy, dating, marriage, sex, conflict management, life-giving words, and lifelong commitment?

Join us for this 6-week series as we walk verse-by-verse through Solomon’s Song of Songs. Begin praying now for God to transform your social life, your dating life, your married life, and your sex life.

Due to the nature of Solomon’s Song of Songs, this series is PG-13. Parental discretion is advised. Please take advantage of our children’s ministry department.

February 24
Desire Intimacy (1:1-6)

March 3
Save the Date (1:7-3:5)

March 10
Enjoy Better Sex (3:6-5:1)

March 17
Pursue Peace (5:2-6:13)

March 24
Choose Life-Giving Words (Proverbs)
Pastor Shawn Thornton

March 31
Want More (7:1-8:14)