Pastor’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to church! I’m so glad you’re here.

Today is message #6 in our Summer in the Psalms series. We’re studying an assortment of Psalms in response to God’s invitation to pray through our pain, fear, doubt, and unfulfilled longings. You can listen or watch the first five messages on our app or website.

Has life ever felt unfair? Have you ever felt as though life’s pain and suffering seem unjust or imbalanced? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s message from Psalm 79, we’ll hear the poet’s cry for justice, for relief, for an audience with God, and for hope.

About Psalm 79, biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann wrote, “New life is never a gift in a vacuum. It is wrought in profound and dangerous struggle as we bring to visibility the deep incongruity that marks our life. Our life is one in which all that is finally holy is violated, day by day. Yet, we dare hope for possibilities that move us beyond the wrenching, venomous indignation. Biblical faith is not romantic. It reckons with the evil, and it knows that the evil strikes at all that is crucial and most precious. It requires and permits us to move beyond the venom to the Lord of ruined temples.”

Today I’ll share five ways to respond when life doesn’t seem fair.

With deep love for you and our entire congregation,

Matt Friend • Senior Pastor


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BCS Employment Opportunities
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  • Full-time 6th-8th Grade English & Reading – B.A. in Education, Certification in English preferred
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Global Leadership Summit
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OWLS: A Night of Musical Memories (Adults 55+)
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  • Aug. 8-9 | Global Leadership Summit
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