Through the years, the Bible Center family has creatively given in various ways during the holidays (e.g. missionary projects, special needs classroom, City Ministries). This year we are designating all December giving as the “Christmas Offering.”

All December giving focuses on two goals:
  1. Fund the ministry
  2. Catch up on our budget shortfall so far this year

Your December giving will catch up our budgeted expenses allowing us to: 

  • Repair and maintain our parking lot
  • Serve families affected by special needs
  • Partner with local organizations like Union Mission
  • Reach people who may never step foot inside a church by hosting conferences and training events.
  • Teach the Bible to hundreds of children weekly
  • Reach students with the gospel
  • Care for our staff and families
  • Lead approximately 1500 people in worship each Sunday
  • Pay for all operational expenses
  • Support missionaries worldwide

Goal: $800,000

2019 contributions must be received/postmarked by Dec. 31. If you have questions about other tax-free giving opportunities, contact Lee Walker (304-346-0431).