Begins Thursday, October 22

Have you ever crafted anything? Perhaps your job allows you to design or make something for the benefit of other people? Maybe it’s a hobby you enjoy?

More than ever—since the launch of the industrial revolution—men and women are looking for opportunities to work with their hands in ways that are meaningful, excellent, and beautiful. In a world where many of us press buttons (or type on computers) for a living, creating something tangible can feel very rewarding. Thankfully, social media has promoted a reconceptualization of the way we all express creativity, collaboration, and craft.

So, why do we enjoy making things?

Whether it be a house or a birdhouse, a car or a model car, a solid-oak bookcase, or an IKEA bookcase… God has hardwired us with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when a project is complete. It’s another evidence that He is the Maker of all things.

Join us each weekend of this 5-part series as we study God’s creation of the universe, angels, demons, and all of humanity… including men, women, and children of every nationality, ethnicity, and race. We’ll explore why God made all things and how the Bible explains their current condition.

While coinciding with the 6-month rollout of our new Member Statement of Faith, our prayer is that this series will inspire a greater love for your Maker and every good gift He has made.

Visit the series page for schedule and resources.