Pastor’s Letter

Dear Bible Center family & friends,

Welcome to church! Thanks for visiting on campus, online, or on TV.

This weekend we continue our 3-week “Start Again” series. Last week we studied the importance of gathering often for worship in a New Testament church. Today we’ll study what it means to truly belong and why connecting in smaller groups is so important to our spiritual formation.

This weekend’s topic reminds me of a study conducted by Dr. Roy Baumeister. Decades ago he did his doctoral research on the subject of self-esteem, believing that self-esteem is the key to fulfillment. However, years later, he realized that self-esteem actually has no positive effect on people whatsoever.

Therefore, Baumeister set out on a new study. “What actually makes people happier and more satisfied?” he asked. His research pointed to one commonality between people who are most satisfied and balanced: they have a place to belong. Since then, he has advocated that the most fundamental human need is the need to belong. He calls it “belongingness.” Without it, he discovered, individuals lack overall well-being.

Thankfully, our own Pastor of Discipleship and Multiplication, Mike Graham, will deliver the message. He’s one of my favorite teachers and preachers, so I’ll be right there with you, taking notes and asking God to speak to my heart from His Word.

While taking necessary precautions to keep one another safe, may God help us to: connect with church again, jump into a group again, and start serving again!

Starting again with you,

Matt Friend
Lead Pastor


This Week at a Glance

Thursday | August 26
  • 7 PM | Worship Service
Sunday | August 29

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  • 8:45 AM | On Campus & Online
  • 10:00 AM | On Campus, Online, WCHS-TV
  • 11:15 AM | On Campus, Online
Tuesday | August 31
Wednesday | September 1
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  • 7 PM | High School (HSM) | School Campus


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Nick Munoz Group | 10 AM | Room 3104 | Nick Munoz

Young PROs | 20s-40s without kids | 11:15 AM | Room 3101/02 | Mitri Ghareeb

Young Adults | College age | 11:15 AM | Room 3104 | Jagur Smith

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Sunday, September 19 | 2:30 PM | Forks of Coal Area | If you’d like to be baptized, let us know today, and we’ll follow up right away. Find out more here.

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