Begins September 9 & 12

A Fall series focused on improving relationships, understanding what God says about trending topics, and gleaning hope from God’s Word in life’s toughest moments.

About the Family Bundle Initiative:

“You win when you bundle!” That’s what the insurance and cable companies tell us. If that’s true with our finances, it’s even more true with our faith!

Convinced that healthy families are the backbone of a church on mission, this fall we are bundling family discipleship in a way everyone can use. Through three “mini-series,” we’ll study what God says about our priorities, relationships, current trending topics, mental health, and more.

Relevant pop-up events and conferences will be also available to provide additional tools, encouragement, and hope.

Refer a Friend
Join us for this 10-week series, and take advantage of the additional opportunities to connect with others and grow in your faith! Bring friends and other family members, and come prepared to take notes. Ask Jesus to give you “ears to hear” and a resolve to follow Him afresh and anew with your family!

Series 1 | Reno

What is a family? What priorities does Jesus call His followers to have within our families? What’s a grace-based, gospel-centered marriage look like? What about raising children and grandchildren in this grace and with this gospel? We’ll look at ways to refresh and “renovate” our priorities and families.

Series 2 | Trending

What would your great-grandma say if she could see society today? How do we navigate our digital world and teach our children to do the same? How does the concept of singleness fit within the bigger picture of family? What do the Scriptures teach on all things gender and sexuality, and how in the world do we discuss these things with our students and kids? Thankfully God’s Word has the answers!

Series 3 | Struggle Bus

Family life can be difficult all by itself. Mix in a mental health challenge or two, a dash of unmet expectations, a spoonful of doubting your self-worth, and a pound of conflict… You have the perfect recipe for a seemingly impossible situation. God’s Word offers hope!

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