Begins August 19 & 22

“Start again.” Those two little words resonate deeply within our souls.

Children are starting back to school. College students are moving into new dormitories and making new friends. Evening bonfires are being rekindled. Lovers are dating again. Restaurants are busy again. Adventurers are traveling again. The world is hiring again.

Google Search is eager to predict the rest of your sentence: How to start… a business, a business in WV, an LLC, a podcast, a blog, a conversation, YouTube channel, a lawn care business, a dead lawnmower, a family, a trust fund, a new life, an IRA.

In this series, we’ll explore how to start again as a church family, a band of spiritual friends eager to become more like Jesus and enthusiastic about a mission bursting with life-changing potential for our community and beyond.

May God be with us all as we all start again!

Learn more: Visit the series page for schedule and resources.