Care Ministry

The Care Ministry of Bible Center Church exists to bring glory to God by obeying His will in regard to our care for one another and for others. We are organized into effective teams that enable the unique gifts of our team members to be optimized while striving to help others.

Organized teams include:

  • CardCare
  • MealCare
  • RepairCare
  • VisiCare

We seek to discover special needs in peoples’ lives, recruit appropriate volunteers, train Bible Center Church’s Care Ministry and to mobilize them to meet those needs in the name of Jesus. Ongoing training is provided.

Want to encourage others with the love and hope of God?


Richard Thompson

Pastor of Care
Throughout His ministry, Jesus cared for people. His compassion, love, and care is the example we desire to mimic for all who call Bible Center their church or family. We want each person to feel loved, cared for, and encouraged while experiencing all of life’s hills and valleys.