A Message from Pastor Matt

Making disciples of Jesus—As the well-known commercials say, “It’s what we do.”

I’m convinced that if we do this long enough, Jesus can use us to saturate our community with His good news!

Imagine the day when there’s a Bible-studying, earnestly-praying group of believers in every neighborhood of our region! Envision the day when Bible Center is primarily known for loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbors! Dream of the disciples Jesus is preparing for you to make—individually—just as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses!

More than I want this for our church, I want this for you before you meet Jesus. As one of your pastors, my job is to help you have a good day on that Great Day.

Will you pray about what the Lord will have you give between now and December 31st? Will you consider helping us crush these giving goals and launch 2022 with strength?

With you for the gospel and for the community,

Matt Friend
Lead Pastor


Each year, 24% of our budgeted giving comes in the month of December. Even if we tried to budget otherwise, that has historically been our reality due to the benefits of year-end giving and the inspiration that each Christmas season brings. It’s a hallmark of West Virginia culture.

2021 contributions must be received or postmarked by December 31. If you have questions about other tax-free giving opportunities, contact Lee Walker (304-346-0431).



Fund the Ministry
  • Broadcast our services online and on TV, reaching thousands of devices weekly.
  • Serve families affected by special needs.
  • Partner with local organizations like Union Mission and global missionaries.
  • Teach the Bible to hundreds of children and students weekly.
  • Care for our staff, their spouses, and their children who have tirelessly served us throughout the pandemic.
  • Cover all our operational expenses, including our mortgage.
Expand the Ministry

Build a picnic pavilion (with bathrooms, concessions, and kitchen) next to the ball fields that would allow families and friends to gather in an outdoor atmosphere designed for watching sports, hanging out, and staying a while.

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What will the Lord have you give in the Christmas Offering?

How Can I Give?

Our App
Our app. The Bible Center App is the easiest and best place to give.

Giving onlineSign in or create a profile to choose a one-time gift, schedule a recurring gift, view your giving history, and more.

At Church

An opportunity to respond through giving is available each Sunday. Additionally, you may place your gift in a secure “Response Box” placed in the back of the Auditorium or in the lobby.

Make checks payable to Bible Center Church and mail to: 100 Bible Center Drive Charleston, WV 25309


If you have more questions, please call or email Lee Walker at (304) 346-0431. He’ll be glad to help!


ECFA-Seal 90Bible Center is accredited by ECFA (the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) – the nation’s largest church and religious nonprofit accreditation agency.  We are committed to integrity and accountability.