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Event Checklist

Are you holding an event that requires facilities, AVL, or communications?

Complete this form to let us know what is required for your event.


Keep in Mind

  • Bulletin Announcement Submissions
     due Tuesdays by 5 PM
  • Bulletin Proofs
    – generally to you Wed. by 11 AM
    – corrections to Comms by 5 PM
  • Volunteers & lay leaders need to speak to their department head before submitting a project

2 Ways to Get the Best Results Possible

Our desire to serve each ministry as thoroughly, accurately, and as beautifully as possible.

You can help by:

1) Providing complete and timely information.

These forms are for all creative and communication requests or needs. We will connect with you to confirm any details, content, due dates, and proofs.

2) Allowing adequate time for your project to be completed.

We desire to assist you and your ministry in the best way possible. For the best exposure, please submit:

  • Announcements – 3 weeks before your event or registration deadline.
  • New design for inserts, flyers and posters – 3 weeks before you need it.
  • New design for brochures, booklets and postcards – 6 weeks before you need it, depending on size (this allows for design, production, and delivery).
  • Edits to existing materials – 1 week before needed.

Please submit  as early as possible to allow time for obtaining, designing and producing graphic content. A new project could likely require several weeks, especially if it must be printed by or ordered from a third party. Thanks for your understanding!