How can we impact our city in the years to come?

Dream with us. Give with us. Pray with us!

What is the All-in! Challenge?

On April 29 of last year, our church family launched a one-year blitz to pay down the principal of our debt. Since then, all gifts (above and beyond our regular giving) have been applied directly to the principal of our loan, paying it down dollar for dollar.

#1 Grow

Through invite cards, TV commercials, and social media advertisements, we have a unique opportunity to invite many more friends, neighbors, and family members to church. Thankfully, our church property is located in an area where most of Charleston travels each week for food, shopping, and entertainment.

In the weeks and months to come (thanks to the 9-acre property sale), you’ll see our campus transform with the addition of a new fitness trail, park, athletic fields, and the construction of the Retirement Community (already underway). You’ll also have opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to our special outdoor levee service on September 23rd.

Of the 186,000 people in Kanawha County, tens of thousands are still lost, hurting and without hope. Let’s invite them into our lives, services, Bible classes, groups, homes, service projects, discipleship journeys, and most importantly… into the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to glorify God by producing more maturing followers of Jesus!

#2 Crush our Debt

Over the past several months, we’ve seen God do some miraculous things behind the scenes regarding our finances. Through several large gifts, the refinancing of our loan, and the 9-acre property sale, we are uniquely positioned to make a massive impact on the principal of our loan. Our mortgage is now covered for at least the next 12 months!

For one year, all gifts above and beyond our regular giving will be applied directly to the principal of our loan, paying it down dollar for dollar. In short, over the next year, we want to CRUSH the debt to free up more dollars to reach our city for Christ.

Please join us in prayer for and commitment to the All-in! Challenge.

What does an All-in! church look like?

All-in! City-wide Service & Launch