An Unforgettable Tour

One of the greatest experiences of our lives has been to walk where Jesus walked! When each of us embarked for the Holy Land for the first time, we anticipated a fun experience—and even a journey that would enhance our ability to teach the Bible—but nothing could prepare us for the deep spiritual impact it made on our souls. Being in the setting of key biblical events forever linked the amazing work of God in those places to our own personal relationship with Him.

Walking where Jesus walked. Worshiping on the temple steps of Jerusalem. Standing where human history changed forever. Seeing, smelling, hearing, and touching the very sites where God transformed so many lives will dramatically change any follower of Jesus!

Experience that same kind of deep impact on your own spiritual journey with your Savior. Join us for 10 days in the Holy Land and see the stories of the Bible come alive. 

We both look forward to having you join us in the Holy Land with us! We guarantee that our time there will change you deeply. Join us to meet with God in a distinct and powerful way! 

Excited to walk with you where Jesus walked, 

Pastor Matt Friend & Pastor Ted Tanzey

Tuesday May 31: Travel to Israel, likely overnight

Wednesday June 1: Everyone arrives in Tel Aviv

Thursday June 2: Central Coast & Jezreel Valley

Friday June 3: Galilee

Saturday June 4: Galilee & Golan Heights

Sunday June 5: Lower Jordan River Valley

Monday, June 6: Jerusalem

Tuesday, June 7: Jerusalem

Wednesday, June 8: Judean Wilderness

Thursday, June 9: Jerusalem

Friday, June 10: Fly home early

Days Till Departure