Mike Graham - May 31, 2020

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Scripture References: Exodus 12:1-51, Exodus 11:1-10, Exodus 10:1-29, Exodus 9:1-35, Exodus 8:1-32, Exodus 7:1-25, Exodus 6:1-30

From Series: "Divergent: What in the World Do We Do Now?"

If there’s ever been a time of transition, uncertainty, confusion, and angst... it’s now. Though the quarantine has slowed down life for most people, many of us feel like we’re wandering through the wilderness. What do we do when the journey seems aimless? How do we endure and emerge from this global pandemic and financial crisis? What in the world do we do now? Thankfully, the ancient book of Exodus holds answers for today. Exodus is an adventure story par excellence. It features a cruel villain, an unlikely hero, overwhelming disasters, a spectacular deliverance, a long journey, a mountaintop experience, and a grand finale. The true, inspired story features unexpected setbacks and unpredictable delays, magic tricks and miracles, feasts and festivals, music and dancing, and many close encounters with God.

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