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January-March 2024

The letter Paul wrote to the church in the city of Colossae emphasized the nature, preeminence, and sufficiency of Christ. At the time, the church was struggling with confusing voices that were adding to that message by creating additional rules to follow or diluting the message by creating other pathways to God.

Paul spoke into the confusion by proclaiming that Jesus is above all, the pathway to God is Jesus alone, and Jesus is in all, affecting every part of our lives.

For the person searching or seeking to understand who Jesus is, Colossians is a beautiful introduction to Him and the message of hope that He brings. For the person who knows Christ and is seeking to follow him, Colossians is a beautiful reminder of the work that Jesus has done for us and how the gospel shapes our everyday lives. In this series, we journey through Paul’s letter to the church in Colossae and find out how His words apply to us today.

Messages in this Series

Jesus Over All

  • January 7 | Greeting & Thanksgiving (1:1-8) | Pastor John King
  • January 14 | Prayer (1:9-14) | Pastor John King
  • January 21 | The Supremacy of Christ (1:15-17) | Pastor Mike Graham
  • January 28 | The Head of the Church (1:18-23) | Pastor John King

    Jesus Alone

    • February 4 | The Ministry of Paul (1:24-2:5) | Pastor Mike Graham
    • February 11 | Christ versus False Teachings (2:6-23) | Pastor John King

      Jesus in All

      • February 18 | Christian Living (3:1-17) | Pastor Mike Graham
      • February 25 | Christ in our Relationships (3:18-4:1) | Pastor John King
      • March 3 | Sharing Christ and Final Greetings (4:2-18) | Pastor John King

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      Mike Graham - June 20, 2021

      Passing the Baton

      Father's Day 2021

      Scripture References: 2 Timothy 2:2-5

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