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Summer 2018

What would happen if you told God how you really feel or what you really think? Have you ever found yourself praying the same words over and over again without really opening up with God?

No other part of the Bible exposes our inner struggles more than the Psalms. Each Psalm reaches beyond the world of sight and sound to reveal what our senses long to see and hear—our authentic self and the heart of God.

Join us this summer as we walk through the Psalms and learn to pray real prayers. Don’t worry. God is big enough to handle all your pain, rage, fear, desire for control, prejudice, greed, doubt, unfulfilled longings… or any other thoughts or feelings stirring inside you. He’s inviting us to take off our mask and spend this summer in the Psalms.

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Going Deeper

Prayer is a foundation of the Christian life. Yet, if we are honest, it can be a great area of struggle and dryness. The Psalms can reinvigorate our passion as God gives us words to speak. We learn how to go to our Father in weakness, desperation, anger, joy, and praise in the Psalms. We live the full scope of the human experience in the presence of God. He is ready, willing, and able to hear your concerns, fear, hurt, and pain.

The Psalms bring us into a chorus of worship, to our knees in desperation, and into a community that lives together in the presence of God. Read through the purpose and instructions on how to use this study. There is freedom in the amount of time, study, and depth you choose to give to this study.

Let’s ask God to move in our hearts and in our church to establish a growing movement of prayer and praise!