You're Invited!

Whether you’re brand new or you consider Bible Center your church, we hope you’ll feel at home this holiday season. Through music, messages, and special events, our prayer is that your faith will be strengthened and your heart encouraged in the midst of your everyday busyness.


December Sermon Series

Each Sunday | 9:30 and 11:00 AM

The word “home” can immediately bring places, memories, and emotions to mind, and during Christmas, all of those are heightened. We can probably all remember spending Christmas seasons with our families that settled our souls and provided warmth, gave us peace and joy, and helped us know that things were going to be ok.

This Christmas, join us as we look at the person behind Christmas. Jesus—the provider of peace, the author of joy, and the reason for hope—is our true “Home” for Christmas.


Christmas Eve
Candlelight Services

3:00 pm

4:30 pm

6:00 pm

100 Bible Center Drive
Charleston WV 25309