Share Your Faith

We love our neighbors.

The person across the street, the person in the grocery store, the destitute, the hurting, the country club member, the foster child–each and every person is our neighbor.

We see loving people as the practical evidence of our love for God. Sharing our faith and our lives with those around us becomes a deep part of our purpose on earth.

This love for people causes us to reprioritize our lives, our stuff, our goals, and our daily schedules around helping, investing, and spending time with our neighbors. Jesus loved us when we were unlovable and has sent us to show that love to the world.

How to Share Your Testimony

It can be hard to know how to share Jesus with those who don’t know Him. Where do we start? Learn how to easily write and share your story.

"The Gospel" Video

Pastor Mike shares the message of the gospel—that more than anything, God wants to have a relationship with us. We can find hope and peace through Jesus. Simply share this video with others.

Good News in 10 Words

We often use what we call “The 10 Words” to easily communicate the message of the gospel. God Creates. Sin Breaks. Jesus Saves. Jesus Transforms. God Restores.