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Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Part of the larger Family Bundle initiative. How to “renovate” our priorities and families.

Sermon Series

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Meet new friends and grow spiritually in a warm atmosphere.

Sermon Series

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Partner with us to make Jesus known in our communities and beyond.

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Gregg Allison - Historical Theology intensive March 20


Considering membership, or want to learn more about Bible Center?

Gregg Allison - Historical Theology intensive March 20


Let us know if you’d like to be baptized!

For the Family

Intentional Parenting in a Stressed-Out World

Begins September 12 | Through three separate sessions, learn about self-care, strategies and discipline, and how to help your kids shine.

pureHOPE presents “The Pursuit”

Parenting in a Sexualized Digital Age | A free 2-day event proclaiming hope and equipping men and women to lead their families and communities in the pursuit of purity.

Are you a Christian grandparent?

You can have an incredible impact on the spiritual direction and destiny of your grandchildren with the right tools and encouragement.

Need Prayer?

Sometimes life seems overwhelming, and we can struggle to find hope.
No matter what you’re facing, God is ready to listen. We’d love to pray with you!

We’re going to Israel and would love to have you go with us (May 31-June 10, 2022)! Anyone is welcome: from our church, community, or otherwise.

Have you ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked? Learn more and book your spot today before space runs out!

An innovative approach to inspire local residents to imagine a brighter future.

The Maker’s Center is the home of an initiative for those in recovery, school children, and the community. It is comprised of three areas: a technology lab, a woodshop, and an art studio.